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My name is Dani a.k.a DANOS and I'm a digital artist from Lebanon residing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I have a passion for comics and their stories and characters that play a part in them. From Batman to Spider-Man to their villains and stories, each comic brings a new way of storytelling. For me, the more important aspect of a comic is its artwork. The first thing that drives someone to approach a comic at a store or in a shop is the art style that is used. It's always the first impression that drags an audience. Some comics are even famous for the art style that it brought to the table rather than the story it was telling. This is the part that intrigues me the most... The ARTSTYLE! Art is a form of expression and in comics, it does almost 60 percent of the work and the rest is all words and lines but what I love the most is the level of story telling it allows us artists to portray. Whether it's a dark laugh from the Joker, or an intense stare down between Superman and Lex Luthor... comic art is the only place that allows artists to delve into their imagination and give their audience a new perspective with heros and villains. I have blabbered for long but you get the gist. I love comics and their worlds, I love delving into their worlds, I love going in and changing things up, yes I love the multiverse, I love being creative and drawing characters in cinematic perspectives and environments! This is the stuff that keeps me up all night. 

P.s. This was not A.I. generated.

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